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tussis tanketank

En blogg om bøker og andre narkotikum.

Jeg er midt i slukingen av et forunderlig eventyr, i den dypeste afrikanske sumpmark. Jeg gjør som Mari på Flukten fra virkeligheten: legger ut en smakebit på denne vakre søndagen:

… in direct opposition to the habits of almost every other savage race in the world, women among the Amahagger are not only upon terms of perfect equality with the men, but are not held to them by any binding ties. Descent is traced only through the line of the mother, and while individuals are as proud of a long and superior female ancestry as we are of our families in Europe, they never pay attention to, or even acknowledge, any man as their father, even when their male parentage is perfectly well known.

Fra H. Rider Haggards She: A History of Adventure, 1886.

Har du smakt noen gode ord i det siste?

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