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tussis tanketank

En blogg om bøker og andre narkotikum.

Elizabeth Gaskell i veska. Blanke ark, nye penner. London venter. Høstlufta skarp og klar. Sol etsteds bak høye hus. Jeg skal sparke opp løv og drikke engelsk te.

Utenfor vinduet står det et tre, enda grønt. Tenker på Amy Levy: londoner, poet og romanforfatter av 1870-80-åra. 

A London Plane-Tree

Green is the plane-tree in the square,
The other trees are brown;
They droop and pine for country air;
The plane-tree loves the town.

Here from my garret-pane, I mark
The plane-tree bud and blow,
Shed her recuperative bark,
And spread her shade below.

Among her branches, in and out,
The city breezes play;
The dun fog wraps her round about;
Above, the smoke curls grey.

Others the country take for choice,
And hold the town in scorn;
But she has listened to the voice
On city breezes borne.

— Amy Levy, 1889.


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